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Basic Expectations

By March 14, 2010Game Sertification

When discussing stereoscopic 3D or S-3D technologies, there are two main adjustments called “Separation” and “Convergence”.

“Separation” refers to the actual depth effect. The further you separate or split the images into left and right eyed views, the more visual depth your game has to work with.

“Convergence” determines how much of this depth will be inside and outside your screen. Will you have a pop-out effect, a depth effect, or both? That’s what convergence determines.

All certifications require the ability to adjust both these settings to reasonable values without causing significant anomalies like games with unplayable heads up displays, handheld weapons or tools sliding off the screen, and an ability to find settings in the game and/or stereoscopic software driver to resolve visual anomalies.  While allowable anomalies are varied, the most important factor is that full enjoyment of the game is possible in stereoscopic 3D, and the visual anomalies – if any – don’t undermine the artistic integrity of the game.  If this is possible, the title will qualify for some form of certification.

There are three types of compatibility problems:

  1. The game was not properly rendered for stereoscopic 3D.
  2. The drivers that make the stereoscopic hardware solution work are faulty and the game’s appearance will improve with further software revisions.
  3. A combination of the above.

With time and gamer contributions, it is hoped that quality trending will improve as game developers get more involved with S-3D gaming, and driver developers put out updated profiles and fixes.

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