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Facebook Reveals Oculus Quest

Taking on a console mindset, Facebook's Oculus has finally revealed the Oculus Quest.  Featuring inside-out positional tracking, the HMD also boasts 360 degree audio, 1600 X 1440 pixels per eye resolution, adjustable lens positions, 64GB of storage memory, Quest touch controllers, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor.

The Quest is being marketed as supporting Rift-level games which means that a lot of titles we have come to know and love on the Oculus Rift are having paired down versions ported to the Quest.  At launch, they are expected to have at least 50 Quest titles ready to go.

Best part of the deal?  $399 for the HMD; a very competitive rate for what we hope will be an effective stand-alone HMD.  Perhaps the biggest feature is what it doesn't come with...wires!

Let's see how things progress!
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The Most Amazing HTC Vive Pro Deal You Will Find!

HTC Vive Pro Sold at The Border Bargain Shop
Sometimes you find the best deals in the darndest places.  The HTC Vive Pro is HTC's super high-end HMD featuring 1440 X 1600 pixels per eye, 110 degree FOV, stereoscopic front-facing cameras, better space for glasses-wearers - their all around superior professional-grade product line.

Sold as a standalone HMD where the rest of the bundle (Vive controllers and lighthouse emitters) is purchased separately, the Vive Pro retails for about $800 USD.
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Who Needs to Take the Magic Leap?

The Magic Leap developers kit has begun shipping for...duh, duh, DUHHHHHH...$2,295 USD.  So far the reviews have been apologetically mixed.  Technologically, it is being well received for being more inexpensive than the Microsoft Hololens, it is more comfortable to wear and use, the lightfield technology seems to be easier on the eyes for the time that journalists got to wear it, and the content demonstrations are somewhat more impressive than what was shared in that unfortunate developer preview several weeks ago.
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