Welcome to Vireio Perception 2.0

Terms and Conditions to Know Before Downloading

  1. Vireio Perception is “as is” free software.  We make no warranties of compatibility, expectation, or technical quality.  MTBS and Vireio Perception’s authors and contributors will not be held accountable for any hardware damage, software damage or loss of data caused by installing, running or using Vireio Perception – either directly or indirectly.
  2. Vireio Perception drivers are NOT anti-cheat safe in multiplayer games.  Do not use this software with Punkbuster or similar anti-cheat measures as you will get kicked or potentially banned for using a perceived hack.
  3. Outside the confines of the supported games, Vireio Perception is a crash machine!  This is an early proof of concept build and should be treated as such.

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