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Traditional VR drivers tend to be limited in the following ways:

1. It is difficult to separate mouse control and head tracking because they are both sharing pre-existing “mouse look” code in the game.

2. Added latency because VR drivers are adding functionality that wasn’t originally programmed in the game.

3. Limited to no game controller support.

4. Clumsy head tracking

Our solution is VRBoost, and it’s an innovation that the Vireio Perception team is very proud of.  VRBoost is a freeware Vireio Perception add-on that gets deep access to a game’s architecture.  It’s literally as close to native VR support that a driver can ever hope to get because we are using the game’s actual architecture to do the work for us.

When VRBoost is active:

1. Mouse control and head tracking are separate.

2. Game latency is shaved to bare minimum.

3. Head tracking feels more natural, and in some cases, actual head roll can be used instead of just spinning the projection matrix like a record player.

4. Game controllers behave as separate game input devices.

5. It’s possible to customize multiple levels of field of view; often beyond what the game is designed for.

To make this feature work, each game has to be analyzed with a free program called Cheat Engine.  Based on this analysis, VRBoost creates *.MTBS files that add this extra functionality.

Unlike the rest of Vireio Perception, VRBoost is a closed-source add-on.  Whether the VRBOOST.DLL file is or isn’t included with the driver build, it honors the Vireio Perception LGPL license and does not prevent the drivers from working (without these enhancements).

VRBoost is free to use and download from MTBS.  We purposely handled it this way because the source code is a perfect template for game cheaters and similar inappropriate use.  Also, some developers donated games for us to test with, and it wouldn’t have bode well to release source code like this.  For these reasons, we agreed that it is best to keep the source code private, though the tools are readily available for users to create their own VRBoost profiles.

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