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The BRASSA World Scale Calibrator

There are three criteria that make up a game experience in VR:

1. Separation: the distance between the left and right cameras.

2. Convergence: The point that determines how much of the experience is in front of and behind the screen.

3. World Scale: the relationship between real life measurements like feet or meters, and game units that may or may not correlate to real life scale.

Separation and convergence is a natural result of camera and object placement in the game, and is calibrated according to your personal Interpupillary Distance (IPD) and the game’s World Scale.  World Scale is important because it’s responsible for making what you see appear to be correctly sized for real life. 

BRASSA World Scale Calibrator

Vireio Perception now includes a technique where it analyzes the projection matrix and takes an educated guess on the appropriate World Scale according to the game’s design.  In the event that a good World Scale can’t be found, there are manual adjustment options explained on the World Scale adjustment screen.

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