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Brown Reischl and Schneider’s Settings Analyzer (BRASSA)


Since the dawn of time, stereoscopic 3D drivers have been burdened by the need for personalized game profiles.  Profiles are special customizations that compensate for mistranslations between what a video game was designed to do, and how drivers extrapolate this into stereoscopic 3D form.  To make matters worse, most users don’t have the tools or programming skill to create profiles on their own.

BRASSA is Vireio Perception’s effort to solve this problem.  When the service is activated and a shell profile is ready, just follow these steps:

1. Enter a game of your choice.  You don’t have to wear the HMD.

2. Enter the game and activate the analyzer in the BRASSA menu to find new shader rules.  It’s best to actually get into a game level so the analyzer sees enough of the game’s functions.

3. In the top left corner, little green squares will appear for each discovered shader that the game is using.  Shaders are important building blocks for the game’s scenery (e.g. fire, water textures, etc.).

4. Once it looks as though all shaders were discovered, go back to the BRASSA menu and save the shaders.

5. When you get back in, many if not all the objects and shaders will be rendered properly.

Demo of Manual Adjustment Features

While we are proud of this effort, we can’t get rid of the need for profiles entirely.  There are special advanced shaders that change game to game, and with developer and advanced user support, we will be able to tackle this issue with community driven profiles.  As we debug games and recognize new shader types, BRASSA will grow more and more accurate with its automatic profile development.

More advancements are on the way!

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