Welcome to Vireio Perception 2.0

How to Help the Vireio Perception Effort!

1. Participate in the official Vireio development and bug fixing forums!

Everyone involved with Vireio is working on a volunteer basis, and our time is limited.  We can’t track every forum out there, and MTBS is the official community.  The more organized you are, the more effective we will be in getting bugs fixed and taking the drivers to the next level!

2. Fork For Good, Not For Evil!

Part of what makes open source great is sticking together.  Half the work in making drivers like this successful is their organization and being on the same page.  If you fork, please collaborate with the Vireio Perception effort.

3. No Mirroring Please

Even though Vireio Perception is open source LGPL, please respect that MTBS is the official community of Vireio Perception, and we have been heavily invested in its development.  MTBS registration is free and only takes a few moments.  Besides, you’ll need to register to post in our forums to get the bugs fixed.  If you are having registration difficulty, email customerservice@mtbs3D.com right away!

The “VRBoost” portion of the driver is NOT open source.  The software is free to use and download, and even if you choose to not use it, Vireio Perception will continue to operate without this enhancement.  The reasoning for this is explained later.  Even though the software is completely free to download and use, it is a form of computer piracy to host it outside of MTBS.

4. More Developers Please!

The team accomplished a lot in a relatively short time.  Vireio Perception 2.X is nothing like its predecessors, and we’ve really laid down a foundation for something great.

However, while shaders and artistic flaws are relatively easy to adjust, game crashes can only be fixed by programmers with direct access to video games.  We need your help!  So please email lendahand@mtbs3D.com if you can make a difference in our driver stability.

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