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Vireio Perception 2.04 Alpha 2

By September 15, 2014March 24th, 2020Vireio Perception News
Skyrim with Positional Tracking

Here is the latest Vireio Perception update revealed late last night.  Most of these updates are to help users to diagnose the core issues causing their problems.  Great stuff!

Changes in this commit: –

  • On-screen FPS and Frame Timing counters – Push SHIFT+F or F9  
  • Toggle Positional Tracking (SHIFT + P)
  • Positional Tracking Menu – Movement scale can now be altered (Access from Brassa Menu)
  • Splash Screen – Visible for 10 seconds at start of game, includes version number
  • Added HMD stats (HMD Type / orientation / position / VRBoost) – Push SHIFT+S or F10
  • Toast Notification when toggling functions (turn Positional tracking on and off to see, works for all toggles)
  • Notifications on error situations (no HMD, user outside of positional tracking zone, VRBoost failure)
  • DK2 users will be asked to “calibrate” the HMD for positional tracking once the splash screen has been dismissed
  • Previous changes broke tracking for other trackers, should now be fixed (though have no way to verify)
  • Fixed distortion on Screen View mode (Distortion will now be focused on the area of the screen you are looking at). This may look a bit odd in game but this mode is focussed on 2d menu display, which should not look correct). We may add a future mathematical feature to project the viewport onto a 2d plane and distort that).

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