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Vireio Perception Has Positional Tracking Now!

By September 11, 2014March 24th, 2020Vireio Perception News

Now we have to be absolutely clear that native VR games are always going to have an advantage over games made possible by VR drivers. We have to be absolutely clear about that. Still…there is always room to impress, yes?

For those unfamiliar, Vireio Perception is free and open source middleware software that makes it possible to play existing games in VR without special coding by the game developer. We have special VR Boost functionality that also grabs hold of deep architecture from the software, and pushes games beyond the scope of their design. VR Boost adds super high levels of field of view and low latency head tracking, for example.

We’re trying to release new Vireio Perception drivers on a more regular basis, and with special thanks to Simon Brown (the genius) and Grant Bagwell (the other genius), all supported games have positional tracking now. When we say supported, we mean that if Vireio Perception runs with few to no anomalies, positional tracking will work without special add-ons or adjustments; it’s a default feature that is part of the driver’s core.

The biggest caveat with our technique is that it does hamper accuracy. Despite Vireio’s hard work, the game engine doesn’t take head tracking into account.  So if you are shooting at a tilt, the game will behave as though you are standing straight up. You’ll see what we mean. A work in progress! 😉

Check out the build and come back regularly.  Yes. we do have official Vireio Perception forums too.

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