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Vireio Perception 2.0.4 Alpha Released

By September 8, 2014March 24th, 2020Vireio Perception News
Headtracked HUD Mode

Headtracked HUD Mode

This is just an alpha build, and it’s obviously a work in progress.  Here are the highlights of Vireio Perception 2.0.4 Alpha:

  • RunTime 0.4.2 DK2 Support (Tracking).  For now, this is still orientational tracking, NOT positional.  The rendering is still being done outside the SDK, though the chromatic aberration fix is working.
  • Fixed a bug where games were injecting twice and causing issues.
  • New Dynamic Theater Mode (AKA Screen View Mode) allows the user to use headtracking to view the edges of the screen. Helpful for large menus.  There are some known distortion issues.
  • New Dynamic HUD/GUI Mode is similar to the abovem, but only moves in-game HUDs / Menus.  This is useful for seeing HUD elements around the screen without having to resize them.  For now, this only works where games use the Vireio “squished menu” technique (Bioshock / Borderlands / etc) for HUD resizing.
Virieio Perception 2.0.4 Alpha Head Tracked Theater Mode

Virieio Perception 2.0.4 Alpha Head Tracked Theater Mode

Notes and recommendations:

  • DK2 users should run the Rift in extended mode and ideally as primary.
  • Alter the distortion scale in the Overall Settings menu item (within BRASSA) so that the screen fills up your entire view. This will be saved in the game profile so you only need to do this once.
  • DK1 support is buggy because the head tracking requires regular resets in the Oculus VR RunTime to work.
  • The Borderlands VR Boost profile is broken because of a game software update.  Will fix!

Special keys and controls:

Ctrl + numpad 0 – VR Mouse (currently only useful in GUI squished games such as Borderlands)
Ctrl + numpad 1 – Head tracked HUD/GUI Mode (Toggle)
Ctrl + numpad 2 – Screen View mode (Toggle)
Ctrl + Mousewheel = Screen Preview (Zoom in and Out)
Ctrl + Numpad -(minus) key – Snap zoom out
Ctrl + Numpad + key – Snap zoom out
Ctrl + Shift + Mousewheel – Alter IPD ingame

Next step would be to get the SDK rendering working and ideally moved into Direct to Rift Mode.

It’s no longer required to register on MTBS to download the Vireio Perception files.  However, if you want to give back to the community for the volunteer work that goes into this, please register anyway.  Also be sure to follow all the related Twitter and Facebook pages.  For proper technical support where commentary is easily viewable long-term, please post in the official Vireio Perception forums.

Credit goes to Grant Bagwell and Brown for the updates!  More to come.

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