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How to Contribute to Vireio Perception!

By August 20, 2014March 24th, 2020Vireio Perception News
Back to the Future
For those out there wondering, Vireio Perception’s development is continuing, and we are welcoming more developers to the team with some exciting ideas we’d like to implement. Our current priority is getting proper Oculus Rift DK2 support integrated. However, we are facing some challenges that we would like to solve to expedite DK2 support and other new features in Vireio Perception.
The biggest challenge is there are offshoot builds going around that feature some Oculus Rift DK2 support. While it’s excellent news that there are developers contributing to the code, it’s causing more harm than good if they are not being contributed to a Github fork that can be pulled into the master repository, and then subsequently released so that everyone has the same version of the latest code. This is actually slowing things down rather than speeding things up because there is no need for a duplication of work and energy. While we understand that some of these contributions are quick hacks to get some element of support such as head tracking, it’s important to remember that no matter the state of the code, every little bit helps. You never know what small element of support could help another developer push the code even further (or a lot further!).

Vireio Perception is open source, and projects like this work best when all developers can syncronize with the latest codebase so the project can collectively move forward, and we want to move forward! 😉

If there are developers looking to contribute to Vireio, please send us a pull request for your changes via Github or alternatively reach out to us at You can also reach us on our Facebook page, Twitter (@Vireio), and of course the official Vireio Perception discussion forums.

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