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U-Decide 2010

By June 29, 2010March 24th, 2020U-Decide Category

U-Decide 2010

U-Decide 2011 is made possible by:

Electronic Arts

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The S-3D    Gaming Alliance

Computer Power User


  Blitz Games Studios


What is The U-Decide Initiative?

In 2008, stereoscopic 3D entertainment was at its first critical stage in the consumer markets.  Top display manufacturers, content makers, and technology enablers were very much commited to stereoscopic 3D, but little to no information was available from actual customers.  An added challenge was that the popular media of the time was very much against 3D, and it was unclear if the opinions of customers and media were one and the same.

In late 2008, Meant to be Seen announced The U-Decide Initiative, and released a complete 75+ page report in 2009.  For the first time, traditional 2D gamers and experienced stereoscopic 3D gamers were surveyed separately.  Did 3D experience impact 3D opinion?  Were glasses really a leading deterrent for 3D?  Which forms of content would be the most successful first?

With the help of some real consumer data, 3D’s value proposition was made clear, and the industry was able to move ahead in an informed manner.

U-Decide 2011

The world has changed since then.  Sony PlayStation3 and Xbox 360 have both demonstrated 3D content on console either officially or through third party game developers.  Nvidia and AMD have both made public commitments for stereoscopic 3D on PC either internally, or through third party driver developers.  Even Nintendo is puting out a mobile 3D gaming device this year.  Most importantly, top game developers are developing 3D titles for both console and PC.  Once more, the stereoscopic 3D industry is at a new critical phase.

The new challenge is putting out products and titles that customers want.  Which experiences excite gamers?  What has been their experience so far?  What are their likes and dislikes?  This information will help shape the industry to come.

We are pleased to annouce the availability of U-Decide 2011.

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