The major innovator that’s not a console maker

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The major innovator that’s not a console maker

Post by metalqueen »

The major innovator that’s not a console maker
by Chris Nuttall

Which was the most innovative, risk-taking company at the E3 video game trade show in Los Angeles this week - Microsoft with its Project Natal sensor, Sony with its “glowing orb” stick or Nintendo with its Wii Vitality Sensor?

How about none of the above? The answer after the jump.


Yes, this leading publisher appears to be working on a motion-sensing controller, a Surface-type computer project and the first major 3D stereoscopic game, all at the same time.

At its press conference on Monday, Ubisoft scoffed at waiting around until “December 2010″ for Microsoft’s motion-sensing camera to arrive.
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Re: The major innovator that’s not a console maker

Post by budda »


I've watched the respective motion controller previews from the E3 press conferences from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

Here's my brief critique.

The Microsoft Natal is a concept/prototype which we won't actually see implemented in an XBox console for a while. Its interesting and innovative but its too ahead of its time right now.

The Sony Motion Controller (orb) is a fantastic piece of work, very impressive and looks like its ready for action. It looks the business and could well be a killer-app for Sony.

Nintendo has its well publicized Wii MotionPlus attachment ready for release this week. Nintendo are not out of the motion controller game by any means. It could easily modify its Wii Remote to duplicate the function of the Sony Orb.

All Nintendo needs to do is put a small CCTV type fisheye lens at the end of the Wii Remote, along with an improved camera chip, so the controller can clearly see its position over 180 degrees, and also use its MotionPlus capability to precisely gather its orientation in space.

Looks like the next phase of the console wars is about to begin. Third parties, like Ubisoft are welcome to join the fray.

For S3D enthusiasts, it would be impressive if the hand-held virtual weapons and tools, which Sony showed in its demonstration at E3, could be superimposed in your hands in 3D as you play.

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Re: The major innovator that’s not a console maker

Post by cybereality »

“I think that after everyone sees the Avatar game, they will want more.”
I sure hope Cameron's right. This Avatar game might just be what we've been waiting for and the catalyst for S3D going gold.
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Re: The major innovator that’s not a console maker

Post by Silversurfer »

Is anyone else beginning to get worried that the majority of the E3 announcements about S3-D had little or no PC platform implementation?

This Ubisoft story, Sensio 3D and the Avatar game all seem to be console bound, let's hope they eventually they end up on the PC and take advantage of those 3-D laptops Acer promises.
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