Do they still sell 3D Ready Pc Monitors?

120Hz or Polarized, this is the place to share your findings on what's out there!
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Do they still sell 3D Ready Pc Monitors?

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Do they still sell 3D Ready Pc Monitors for Nvidia 3D Vision

I'm using old BenQ XL 2420T's (3 of them in Sli mode) but the screens are started to get dim. They are about 8 years old now.

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Re: Do they still sell 3D Ready Pc Monitors?

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up, same here

is there a guide for hardware please in 2021?

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Re: Do they still sell 3D Ready Pc Monitors?

Post by Guig2000 »

G-sync monitors are 3Dvision compatible BUT nvidia drivers don't have stereo profile for them in their driver, so out of the box, the ghosting can be massive. You will have create a profile, by settings the right timings, you may be able to have a good sync between the the glasses and the screen and so a much lower ghosting.
Be also aware that this kind of monitors may not have the light boost from 3Dvision2.

Also if your problem is just that your screen is dimmer, It is probably possible to repair it.

There is still DLP 3D beamers by optoma, benq, acer.

Lots of them are good gaming projectors, with low input lag and up to 240Hz 1080p.

Be aware that 3D vision is discontinued, the latest official driver works up to RTX 2080 Ti, the latest hacked 3Dvision drivers works wth RTX 2000 super series.

Go on the mtbs's nvidia subforums for more info about how to make work this projectors and monitors on nvidia.

If you plan to use 3D on a PC but not 3D gaming, consider switching to AMD GPU as AMD radeon drivers still support include quadbuffer via HD3D and Microsoft DX quad buffer.

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Re: Do they still sell 3D Ready Pc Monitors?

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The Best and final 3D monitor produced is the ASUS ROG Swift PG278QR . 1440P , 165HZ , 3D Vision , with G-Sync. I have three for sale if anyone is interested. Less than 6 Months old.

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