Lenovo Mirage Camera

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Lenovo Mirage Camera

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I pre-ordered a Lenovo Mirage Camera and I just received it tonight. I did some quick photo and video tests indoor using the automatic iso setting. Photos come out with average quality with some noise. Videos are darker and a bit blurry if there's movement. On my first test, I captured my fingers in the pictures. Since the lens are 180 and the camera is thin, it gets tricky to hold it without your fingers in view. The camera has holes for a wrist strap. I definitely need to add one.

I'll do some outdoor tests in the next few days. More light should improve the image quality. I'll post some pictures later.

According to Google, the camera includes an IMU to sense camera orientation and that camera motion is recorded in a metadata track synchronized with the video. That means that if you play it back in a player that supports it, the video will move left, right, up and down following the movement of the camera. That gives you some kind of image stabilization and less motion sickness since you have to rotate your head to follow the rotation of the camera.

The specs are posted here : https://github.com/google/spatial-media ... s/vr180.md

I've tried playing the video in Skybox VR Player and Virtual Desktop. Both play the video but they don't use the motion metadata track.

I gave a try to the VR180 Creator app on linux and it seems to work. It converts the video from fisheye to spherical than allows to add back the motion metadata track.

Does anyone know which players support the motion metadata track ? My guess is that so far, maybe YouTube supports it but I haven't tested.
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