Is HTC Pulling its Punches?

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Is HTC Pulling its Punches?

Post by Neil »

Dan O'brien, General Manager at HTC confirmed that Vive 2 will not be released until there is a meaningful innovation to be had.  In the meantime, HTC has been placing a stronger focus on add-on enhancements like wireless capabilities, new trackers, and audio strap.

In this author's opinion, bumping up the resolution isn't all that major an innovation for a display maker, though it would require retooling and all the expenses that come with releasing a completely new product line.  Our theory, and it's just a theory, is that HTC is pulling back its punches because they recognize that dramatically increasing the resolution translates to a decline in audience potential.  Why?  More pixel counts mean more processing power to back it up.  More required processing power means bigger start-up expenses for new VR gamers.  More start-up expenses...fewer customers for HTC and others.Read more: Is HTC Pulling its Punches?
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Re: Is HTC Pulling its Punches?

Post by Dom »

Along with the upgrading headache cost theres the initial cost of the VIVE headset and if they add wireless, eyetracking, lightfield displays, 100 dollar headstrap, better emitters 6dof, body tracking, higher res screens. the tech is still new and being developed and I'm not sure HTC wants to use other companies tech on their headset except for accessories.

HTC's Vive was already developed years ago so they had the opportunity to use and old idea for free which works real good. They only have upgrades in the specs now but don't want to ruin it by changing its core functions.

Most of the Vr ready computers can do 4K 60fps good up to 90fps with the right game settings (theres not that many luxury AAA games anyways) and the upgrade cycle for video cards is 2-3 or 4 years or less so $300-800 dollars for a new video card is easy for most of the 25 million gamers (they just need good drivers from the companies, cause its always so iffy).

Display makers usually don't drop one product for another but have both for sale, the newer product for more money and the less featured device for a cheap sale price. So if HTC brought out a new headset then the VIVE one would cost less maybe 400-600 bucks then those would sell very good too, but the new one could cost as much as 1800 dollars at first.

With the Microsoft headsets, I say let them sell and succeed in a new way for productivity, these are going to be used by professionals at work and in home offices more than gaming. There will be 360 3d tours and 3d offices and meetings holodecks and things that Microsoft puts out. The gaming companies are steam HTC Vive and Oculus unless they come out with a Mixed reality device too, maybe that's what they want to do.

As it is now I have a HTC Vive and its awesome, the tracking is dead on and the controllers are what makes it work. The headset is real light and comfy too, I just ordered some new face pads for it. Its prefect the way it is ;)

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