Standards, Standards, Standards

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Standards, Standards, Standards

Post by Neil »

Some cool developments happening in the immersive technology standards world.  There are now at least three organizations working on open standards for virtual reality and immersive technology.


First up would be the Khronos Group.  Khronos is well known for APIs like OpenGL, OpenCL, Vulkan, and more.  They are currently working on OpenXR, a software development API that will make it possible to support multiple VR and immersive tech solutions with a lot less coding from the developer.Read more: Standards, Standards, Standards
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Re: Standards, Standards, Standards

Post by Dom »

This sounds good! Although Steam Vr and openVr is working well right now with connecting most headsets to steam games,demos in Vr.

Now the main problem is that with my OSVR server, leapmotion and steamVr running at the same time its taking 60-70% of my cpu which is WAY to much.

If these companies can lower the needed cpu cycles then I will be happy with what they have to offer. If its just more bloatware then they will have a hard time getting developers to use it when Unity and Unreal already support multiple systems to code into automatically.

So if they can give best in class performance with any game or the AAA games then a lot of players and developers will be onboard.

It would be nice to see Vulkan in Vr too :roll: :anaglyph

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