The E3 Expo Curse is Upon us!

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The E3 Expo Curse is Upon us!

Post by Neil »

For reasons beyond our cotrol, we had to cancel our trip to E3 Expo this year.  We were fortunate to have trip cancellation insurance!  More than this, we had some tech problems which zapped this week's episode of Neil's Messy Basement.  A cursed week for sure!

HOWEVER, MTBS' Kris Roberts will be on the seen Tweeting his way through E3, there is an ITA meeting taking place for the membership during the show, AND we are going to double up the Neil's Messy Basement episodes next week to make up for the difference.  Finally, Vireio Perception's Denis Reischl will likely be back in action from his vacation, so we will have more news and updates to share.

Have fun at E3 Expo, everyone!  It's bound to be an exciting show.

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Re: The E3 Expo Curse is Upon us!

Post by Dom »

I wonder whats going on in your setups Neil. You should get Norton Antivirus and malware scanner.

I went on the Darknet with my phone and now it craps out every other day so I gotta reboot it, it like slows down to where I can't even scroll app icons.

And doom 2016 is running pretty crappy on my new computer with gtx 960 where even on low settings its pretty miserable gaming.

I swear IBM or the Government has a mainframe that locks some users computers out of reliability. That same mainframe probably has the same intelligence as a human and can manipulate conversations and contact the fbi or rcmp, not that i'm doing anything bad on my computers :lol:

Origin from EA has a good deal going on now, I got Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefield 4 deluxe both for 32 bucks..

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