Could this be Nintendo's best or worst decision EVER?

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Could this be Nintendo's best or worst decision EVER?

Post by metalqueen »

NINTENDO'S next console seems unlikely to feature virtual reality headsets

by Tom Hutchinson

That’s judging by what the firm’s bosses are saying about Sony and Microsoft’s forays into the next big gaming realm.

Legendary designer Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime have both had a go at the fledgling VR headsets that were impressing gamers at last week’s E3 computer conference in Los Angeles.

And they both basically said VR is not inclusive enough when Nintendo is aiming to create family games that everyone can get involved in.
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Re: Could this be Nintendo's best or worst decision EVER?

Post by budda »

Virtual reality is a risk as it has not been commercially successful as this point in time.

Nintendo are willing to take reasonable risks to differentiate its offerings such as the 3DS 3d screen, the Wii U gamepad and Wii remote motion controller.

Nintendo are very conscious of keeping the entry price point low for its consoles - a lesson learned with the Wii U - and to keep its console format fresh and different from Microsoft and Sony.

You can bet Nintendo have future proof features embedded in its software as proven by the Dolphin Emulator which has achieved extremely good virtual reality effects when hacked for 3D with the Oculus Developer Kit headsets.

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