Video: Microsoft’s HoloLens headset is absolutely incred

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Video: Microsoft’s HoloLens headset is absolutely incred

Post by metalqueen »

By Brad Reed

Anyone who thinks that Microsoft can’t innovate anymore hasn’t seen HoloLens, the virtual reality headset that has incredible promise as a tool to help people collaborate on projects when they aren’t even in the same room. To demonstrate HoloLens’s potential, Microsoft has posted a new video showing how the HoloLens works running an application designed by Trimble to help architects and engineers collaborate and visualize their projects through incredible 3D holograms.

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Re: Video: Microsoft’s HoloLens headset is absolutely incred

Post by Dom »

I think this tech is what the space dept. and air force use in their helicopters and jets with missiles.

What I thought would be neat and others mentioned with this headset, would be to see that "Halo around planet earth" The halo from the game Microsoft Halo or even a planet that sits close to the horizon in Ar. It sure would give a sense of scale to real life sight and size. I'm not sure how if could get by real clouds and sunlight though, maybe it would be a real-time encoded laps overlay reimagined 360 trans encoding.

I would definitely pick one up to see that first hand....

I just remembered... Maybe it could do the Earth Lotto Atmosphere android countdown too with a happy birthday clown visit... countdown 1 million, zillion twenty five hundred billion thousand, million zillion 32 dollars..... ect... Its very real computer high powers. :lol:

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