A Special Thanks For Immersed

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A Special Thanks For Immersed

Post by Neil »

A Letter From Neil Schneider:

It's the first day after Immersed, and all I can say is the event was absolutely amazing! It was a full house of the top people in the immersive technology industry. Virtual reality, augmented reality, stereoscopic 3D, gesture technology, and more.

The mindset of this conference was to build an industry. The market was there, the investment community was there, the government was there, the media was there - we even had a successful public exhibition.
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Re: A Special Thanks For Immersed

Post by Glasses Free TC »

Congratulations on a great inaugural Immersed. It certainly got off to a bumpy start with no power; but everyone remained calm and by the end of day one, the morning issues were a distant memory. Throughout the event there was a great spirit of camaraderie. We at DTI are proud to be members of the ITA and and even prouder to count you among our friends and allies.

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Re: A Special Thanks For Immersed

Post by Dom »

Great, sounds like it was a lot of fun full of knowledge. So you guys are going to make a Vr standard kind of like HDMI or 3D Vision ready or Blu-ray 3d. Sound like HMD's are gonna go mainstream, Really it sounds to good to be true. Thank You from the bottom of my Heart.

I would love to see a new Vr movie like "The Lawnmower Man" or "BrainScan" from 1994. An Idea for the movie could be like a research facility department head needs to make a Universe in Vr with the Lawnmower Man and a small group of Friends. Umm they of course need to pull in a whole galaxy from our space and transmit it into the Photonic Core TerraPacHolographic device that Don was after to begin with in the 1st.
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