Google + Others Investing in Magic Leap For $500 Million?

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Google + Others Investing in Magic Leap For $500 Million?

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Headed up by CEO Rony Abovitz, nobody is 100% sure of exactly what Magic Leap Inc. is or does.  All we do know is that Google along with some heavy hitting investors seem to really want them...for about $500 million big ones!  This on top of the $50 million Magic Leap had raised earlier this year.Read more: Google + Others Investing in Magic Leap For $500 Million?
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Re: Google + Others Investing in Magic Leap For $500 Million

Post by Big Kate »

If it was "just" augmented reality i doubt google would be backing it to the tune of half a billion for a product still in stealth. Graeme Devine described it as being 'impossible', and when he realised it was possible he couldn't say no to helping.

I think they are showing you exactly what it does - creates real-time moving holograms - a la the projection from R2 in star wars or the big space battle

You sit in the room and their projection solution comes on and the object is just there in space.

Now thats impossible!

Augmented reality is very very possible and is practically old hat now.

My guess is that they have managed to use lightfield technology to create insections of light waves that due to interaction of multiple beams move from invisible to visiable light - all of which is utterly impossible to do!

And it would presumably require immense advances in engineering and possibly significant computational power to do it.

So why do i say this - because I was chatting to someone about the rift and they said all that virtual reality stuff was old hat - that having to wear a mask was stupid and they had seen the future at a cinema tech demo - and they described exactly what apprently is happening in some of the photos

didn't believe it at the time - i assumed they were talking about the high speed spinning surfaces that could be projected onto to give a hologram effect. But that is again old hat and very doable

But a hologram in the palm of your hand with no head wear to augment it:
Now That's IMPOSSIBLE!!!


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