MTBS Tries Crescent Bay!

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MTBS Tries Crescent Bay!

Post by Neil »

[stimg='Brendan Iribe, CEO of Oculus VR' url= ... CF5534.jpg] ... CF5534.jpg[/stimg]
We still have plenty to report from Oculus Connect!  However, if you're looking for our opinion on Oculus VR's latest prototype entitled Crescent Bay, you won't find it here.

You'll find it...HERE!

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Re: MTBS Tries Crescent Bay!

Post by Dilip »

Neil are you associated with Tom's Hardware or this is just instance doing together. I love reading hardware reviews on Tom's Hardware most of time they are bias free and brand neutral just same as i do love them with anandtech. I have also posted in NVIDIA Thread that Nvidia should so their GTX980 VR Power cheack with either of portals testing labs.

It was amazing to found that all those demos were powered by GTX980. That's my point if you found NVIDIA Closed and business oriented still they cant be ignored as front runners of technology advancement with eventually come in reach of masses.

While Palmer's View is absolute true, about Nvidia's take of VR Middle ware. I think right way is 'VR Remastering' rather then just putting SBS mode with distortion correction.As the titles they are talking about are made under their supervision they most likely have good influence on developers besides producers likely to have source code intact with them too. it need re-workout some thing like Halflife2.

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