Google Developing Prototype Tablet Capable Of 3D Imaging

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Google Developing Prototype Tablet Capable Of 3D Imaging

Post by metalqueen »

Google is reportedly working on a revolutionary new tablet capable of taking 3D images as part of its Android-based mobile research and development initiative, the Wall Street Journal reports.

According to WSJ reporters Lorraine Luk and Rolfe Winkler, the company is currently planning to start production of approximately 4,000 of the prototype tablets starting in July. The device will have a seven-inch display and would come equipped with a pair of back cameras, infrared depth sensors and advanced software capable of capturing detailed three-dimensional images of various objects, sources familiar with Google’s plans told the paper.

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Re: Google Developing Prototype Tablet Capable Of 3D Imaging

Post by budda »

It will be interesting to see what becomes of all the point cloud data these 3d scanners create.

Perhaps people with their own mobile scanning devices can create tiles of geolocated 3D spaces which can be merged into a 3D world like google street maps.

I would like to see this combined with Euclideon's Unlimited Detail to make this potentially vast database of point cloud data available in real time over the internet. Perhaps in real 3D too.

We could even do geospatial queries in google search too. Why not.

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