Sony's Project Morpheus brings virtual reality to mainstream console gaming

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Sony's Project Morpheus brings virtual reality to mainstream console gaming

Post by metalqueen »

An add-on VR headset offers a convincing look at the future of gaming and a whole new experience. But what is it like to use?

By Samuel Gibbs

After 30 years in the geek wilderness, virtual reality entertainment is suddenly being taken extremely seriously. 

In March, the independent manufacturer of a forthcoming VR gaming headset, the Oculus Rift, was bought by Facebook for $2bn. Later that month, Brendan Iribe, the Oculus CEO, claimed that the two companies would one day build an online multiplayer virtual reality game for one billion players. A few years ago, that would have been insanely hubristic. Now? Probably not.
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Re: Sony's Project Morpheus brings virtual reality to mainst

Post by DannyVR »

The time has come. Finally.
Later on, this mechanism will also change the way we do teleconferencing.

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