MTBS Interviews Sulon Technologies

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MTBS Interviews Sulon Technologies

Post by Neil »

[stimg='GDC 2014' url= ... CF4503.jpg] ... CF4503.jpg[/stimg]
There is still more to go from GDC 2014!

Today, we have our interview with Sulon Technologies, makers of the upcoming "Cortex" HMD.  A mix of augmented and virtual reality, this proof of concept prototype is the precursor to a product they are looking to release by the end of 2014.

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Re: MTBS Interviews Sulon Technologies

Post by geekmaster »

Man, those Sony VIP dudes in line behind Cymatic Bruce were PISSED when I handed my Sulon VIP pass to an attendant, who placed me at the front of the line without needing to say a word. I heard that they all got a shorter demo than me too. Oh, well, that's what happens when you start "geeking out" with the dudes running the show!

I enjoyed the demo, but their hardware has a long way to go before it can fulfill their promise. I am looking forward to seeing the next iteration of prototype from them! I also hope they use some of the ideas I shared in our "geek out session", to make their demos much more immersive and fun.

Sorry Sony VIP dudes! Y'all need to learn to relax and meld minds with the geeks running the show, to get that special VIP treatment y'all crave...

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