DDD & Oculus VR at CES

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DDD & Oculus VR at CES

Post by Neil »

[stimg='Neil Schneider and Palmer Luckey at CES 2014' url=http://www.mtbs3d.com/gallery/albums/us ... CF4403.jpg]http://www.mtbs3d.com/gallery/albums/us ... CF4403.jpg[/stimg]
We've got two interviews for you today!  First up is Chris Yewdall, CEO of Dynamic Digital Depth (DDD).  DDD makes the TriDef Ignition 3D and VR drivers, and they have a really strong play in the mobile space.  Chris talks about all kinds of new innovations they have in the works and what this could mean for Oculus as well.

We also have our interview with Joe Chen (Product Lead) and Palmer Luckey (Founder) from Oculus VR.  After trying out Oculus' Crystal Cove prototype, we get down and dirty with a fair sized interview.  This was nearly the last appointment of the week (yes, we were still interviewing even after CES was over!), so we tried hard to have a different line of questioning from what was shared before.  We hope you like it.

We have barely scratched the surface from CES.  We made several super cool discoveries in the AR and VR space, so keep coming back!

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Re: DDD & Oculus VR at CES

Post by greenknight »

This OR interview was the best so far. Even though I knew most of the answers, I can see you put a lot of effort in asking the right questions. In particular, I was intrigued with your question about oculus switching from a purely hardware company (as it was in the early kickstarter days) to one day being a pure software company.

They always said it would be months and not years before release, so it looks like they are aiming for 2014 but it could very well be another year. My plan is to not search again for any news until steam's december sale and to be surprised at how many VR games are available.

Thanks for the interview.

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