The Spherigraph

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The Spherigraph

Post by Neil »

With the advent of the Oculus Rift and more VR devices to come, imaginative content creation is gradually becoming big business.  The above was submitted by a Dony Tamazone, a fellow MTBS member.  It's a concept for creating virtual reality compatible 3D stills based on 360 degree image captures.

This is just an early concept video, the technology is demonstrated through a render, and it's unclear if it has even been proven to work yet.  However, expressing the idea is the first step towards sucesss, so good luck!

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Dony Tamazone
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Re: The Spherigraph

Post by Dony Tamazone »

Hello MTBS3D ... I have just registrer and this is my first post here! Above all, I want to thank Mr. Neil for publishing the article and video ... perfect ! I'm so glad ! :woot ... I think I found the perfect place to inform me and share about this revolution generated by the oculus rift... I expect comment and criticism on this project :geek: ... And of course, i hope to find people interested people and a topic that talks about this kind of systems etc etc ... see you around VR believers 8-)

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