MTBS Interviews Next3D About Full Court!

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MTBS Interviews Next3D About Full Court!

Post by Neil »

Today, MTBS is joined by David Cole, founding partner of NEXT3D.  Among other things, NEXT3D has taken a direct interest in virtual reality by developing techniques for recording real life VR experiences.  David shares his story, explains how their technology works, and tips his hand on things to come!


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Re: MTBS Interviews Next3D About Full Court!

Post by BOLL »

I found this very interesting! I've been doodling on my own design to mount two GoPros at 65mm IOD. The current GoPro 3D kit has a narrower IOD due to one camera being upside down, making it more suitable for close up shots when viewed on a 3D screen. I hope the new kit will bring back the original concept design and have them next to each other. It would be an instant buy for me o_o

It's interesting to hear that there should be no pan or tilt due to the user getting motion sick, not because of technical reasons. Does this mean it could be possible to calculate stabilization data and move the view in Full Court? This way the world would be stable, but the window to it would move around so you have to follow it in the virtual space if it moves too far.

I'd very much like to see how effective this 3D reconstruction thing is. I am guessing the high resolution helps with getting the depths right, what I do wonder though is if limited positional tracking could be used in conjunction with the 3D depths being known. This would surely make this stand out from just playing two video feeds back.

And a few links maybe, as I missed those.
This is their sparse website: (OR-devs request a demo? Can I do that? Huh?)
An article on Engadget about the same: ... l-reality/
What does orthostereoscopic mean?

Not even a form to sign up for email updates on Next3D... I will probably forget about this :( oh well.

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