Can't Lose With Araig!

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Can't Lose With Araig!

Post by Neil »

Araig had an admittedly lofty goal for a successful Kickstarter, and it's unlikely that they will hit the $900,000 milestone on time.  However, these guys are innovative survivors and will be back with a new way to make things happen!

Detailed in their latest update, Araig Kickstarter contributors will not be forgotten!  Even if Araig's financial goal isn't reached in which case no money changes hands, they will be offering special discounts to the final product for qualified Kickstarter contributors.

So if you aren't on the Kickstarter list yet, get on it while there is still time!  You really can't lose.

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Re: Can't Lose With Araig!

Post by geekmaster »

Thanks for the update. Although they said there were no $299 tiers (limit 100) left, somebody moved out of that tier, so I grabbed a $299. I would have missed that if not for your post.

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