Numbersix's BenQ XL2420TX Monitor

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Re: Numbersix's BenQ XL2420TX Monitor

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Numbersix's BenQ XL2420TX Monitor

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The XL2420TX is BenQ’s newest and top of the line stereoscopic gaming monitor.  It’s marketed, however, as an FPS gaming monitor due to its 120hz refresh rate and unique features targeted squarely at the FPS market – specifically CounterStrike players.

I am hardly an FPS expert and have never seen frame one of CounterStrike, so this review will focus entirely on the XL2420TX’s use in other gaming situations and in general computing.

The BenQ XL2420TX is, as you might derive from its name, a 24” monitor and sequel to the BenQ XL2410T 120hz monitor.  The TX version is sold with 3D Vision 2 glasses, although the review copy shipped with 3D Vision 1 glasses.  BenQ has sent an email assuring buyers of the early model that they’ll receive 3D Vision 2 glasses in addition to the 3D Vision 1 glasses packaged with the monitor.

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