Live "casting" VR - but in 3D on a 3D projector(s)?!

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Live "casting" VR - but in 3D on a 3D projector(s)?!

Post by CameraTraveler »

There's live casting VR in 2D.
There's also live but fisheye distorted L/R view.

Is there any conceivable technique to share the live stereoscopic view of a VR headset to a 3D projector so that it understands it for everyone else to watch - in 3D - undistorted?

Ps. I the options of using dual projectors (passive 3D) or a single 3D projector. They are 4K. Would prefer to use PCVR titles (over Quest stand alone games)
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Re: Live "casting" VR - but in 3D on a 3D projector(s)?!

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