Vulkanised 2023 THE 5TH VULKANISED CONFERENCE - Vulkan3D&Helifax

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Vulkanised 2023 THE 5TH VULKANISED CONFERENCE - Vulkan3D&Helifax

Post by UnityBeing »

Greetings everyone,

This is a thread post directed at the genius Helifax (apologies for last time) and all Vulkan API & Vulkan3D fans.

Vulkan API is having a conference meeting and here are the details:

They will exchange ideas and projects and I was hoping that we all could do a donation pool for Helifax to go there and present Vulkan3D if he is willing to push forward with his creation and invention? What you all think? Wouldn't getting funding from Devs and Vulkan API get new IR emitters, glasses, monitors etc?

The way I see it is that directx12 isn't really the future of 3D stereo gaming but vulkan API which is direct in processing is the future. Let's all pool together for Helifax if he wants support to make Vulkan3D a reality than a side project without real capital support.

Here is the vulkan API utube link: ... Eq49sqUGOQ

Here is their Vulkan API discord link:

I believe Vulkan3D is gold after playing months of Rage 2 - it just performs amazingly well and I'm over the moon by Helifax's work and invention. Let's all pool together and support Vulkan3D and Helifax and make it a real product than a side project.

I'm willing to donate 50 euros for the donation pool if he accepts and it would be nice if you all would reply here on comments about a donation pool for him to attend Vulkanised Conference 2023 and show Vulkan3D.

Please let's support our community legends!

Kind Regards,

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Re: Vulkanised 2023 THE 5TH VULKANISED CONFERENCE - Vulkan3D&Helifax

Post by khaldrogo »

So beautiful. really looking forward to it.

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