Tobii Eye Tracker 5 as a controller right joystick

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Tobii Eye Tracker 5 as a controller right joystick

Post by Syrius »


I've never used FreePIE, and I'd like some help making a script please.
I've a controller (PS5 if that matters), and a Tobii Eye Tracker 5.
And I'd like to make a script that would take the eye tracking and head tracking from the Tobii, and emulate the controller's right stick.
If possible I'd like it to be the real controller's right stick, instead of a new virtual controller, so it could work seamlessly with any game I'm playing with that controller (or at least that's what I hope).
And that I could toggle on/off easily.

Main reason would be to use it in any open world game with vehicles, so that I could be in FPS view, driving with my controller while still looking around naturally with my head and eyes, and get back to kb+m when I'm on foot, without the eye tracking active.

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Re: Tobii Eye Tracker 5 as a controller right joystick

Post by Jabberwock »

As far as I know, there is no way to partially replace the real controller input. You have to use a virtual controller and the game must allow to select it - some games, if two controllers are present, just pick one at random. You can go around that by unplugging the real controller, starting the game (so that the game picks the virtual one) and then plugging it back in. However, that requires additional scripting so that the script does not need to be restarted.

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