Restarting 3d gaming and need guidance/upgrade help.

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Restarting 3d gaming and need guidance/upgrade help.

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Originally played a bunch of stuff in 3D on a Hitachi TV using my (then purchased) 3DTV drivers from Nvidia using an Geforce 8800 Ultra, Core 2 Quad CPU running Windows 7.
I now have a Samsung Series 9 TV (une55js9000fxza), Geforce 980TI (purchased 6 months before 10 series came out and then crypto happened to kill me upgrading since), i7-4790K running Windows 10.
I want to jump back into 3D gaming but have questions/need advice.
I know Nvidia ripped out 3DTV support so I have to do a bunch of driver fun but I am nor sure where/how to start.
I know there are newer GPU's (and CPU's) out and need upgrade advice for making a dedicated system to play games on the above 3D TV.
I see that I can pick up 20 series Nvidia cards at a reasonable price now and even 30 series is almost MSRP. Not sure what to go with or where things are going.
I seem to recall seeing I will need a newer motherboard/processor for making sure I have all the lanes I need for newer GPU and a more recent CPU to provide that.
Not even sure if Nvidia is the way to go or if there are ATI options.

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