Palmer Luckey runs a drone company

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Palmer Luckey runs a drone company

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I was just researching an Australian company that makes fuel injected drone engines because of the recent military action with drones seen on videos from the Ukraine conflict.

It surprised me to read that Orbital (the Australian company) is working with Anduril Industries (Palmer Luckey's company) on projects of common interest.

Here is the official company information from the Australian Stock Exchange
Anduril was founded in 2017 by Palmer Luckey, designer of the Oculus Rift and Founder of Oculus VR.

With expertise in artificial intelligence (‘AI’), robotics, advanced sensors, secure networking, aerospace,virtual reality technology, aircraft modelling and simulation, the company is seeking to transform allied defence capabilities by fusing AI with the latest hardware advancements.

The company recently secured a contract worth almost US$1 billion with U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM)

Some of those drone photos could do with some 3D stereo trickery.


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Re: Palmer Luckey runs a drone company

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Re: Palmer Luckey runs a drone company

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