Immersive Display Creates Panoramic Virtual Screens

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Immersive Display Creates Panoramic Virtual Screens

Post by budda »


A new panoramic virtual screen technology has recently been announced.

Its called a 'near head' display.

The following article with an explanatory TedX youtube clip comes from the IEEE spectrum site.
Display the size of a 32-inch screen generates the illusion of a 122-inch screen
Article - ... lightfield

Video -


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Re: Immersive Display Creates Panoramic Virtual Screens

Post by AwesomeO »

Quote from the article: " Brelyon aims to present virtual panoramic 2-D images to the viewer"

So if I understood correctly, this let's you save some physical space for a giant monitor by pushing a smaller 2D image that you see "further away".
Don't get me wrong, I'd love to check out one of those screens myself, but it seems like it's no 3D/stereoscopic display. So no two parts of the screen can show something of different depth.
Cool, but also meh...

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