Arma3, W$10 good news

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Arma3, W$10 good news

Post by gpunk »

Hi all

I have finally been able to run arma3 in 3D SBS with my Royole2 (a dual HD Oled display headset) on W$10 (laptop).

The device does HD and SD display, in HD the stereoscopy kicks in at 24/48 Hz , that is very harsh,
To have a 60Hz stereo picture: put your device at 1280@720 , in games anyway, with all the movements, you wont notice any definition degradation ...

To bypass the DX11 handicaps, force Arma3 to run in DX10 mode, use a very old M$ trick: right click on Steam Short-Cut and force it to run in W$7 mode.
I added -dx10 as an argument to arma3 also, just in case ... ,
BI says arma3 is DX11, the binary is linked to DX11, but doesn't use DX11 functions, so you will lose nothing in quality of gaming/rendering.

So remember to set the proper monitor frequency in W$ .
Leave only the 3D display as Display device (no cloning screens/extending screens ... ) .

So, to play arma3 in stereo3d :
install steam, install arma3, force it to run as under W$7 .
install 3D fix manager, to get the 3D vision stack .
do not install any "fixes", to not apply any "activator" or whatever,
So you will not trigger BattlEye ...
run Arma3 from Steam as usual, have 3D Fix Manager activate Stereo3D and close it/minimize it .

If you can effort V-Sync, please do activate it, you will have a way better experience ... :)

Also, with this method, you can install/use the latest Nvidia Driver ... , you don't have to stay stuck in 452.06, unless you need DX11 for something else ... ;)

BTW, this issue, any kind of these issues, are non existent in Linux, meaning arma3 under Linux, 3Dstereo support if fine, as it is handled by the OS/Driver itself .. ;)

Cheers armaholics !

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