IZ3D trial reset

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IZ3D trial reset

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Probably not much interest in this old driver since it doesn't work on Win 10. Good news is some of the forum gurus now have access to the source code and are actively seeking a way to make the driver a viable option for 3D on Win 10 in the future. The driver still works in Windows 7 and there is a way to reset the trial to regain access to their different output methods. I'm copying some of what was posted in another forum here.

1) delete a folder in "c:\Program Data" that looks like a random name. Mine is "FZf6K4QZguj"

2) Go to start>search then type "regedit" in upper tool bar click edit then find, type "msdaipp". You'll find a key with that name. It has a subkey named "Providers" and possibly "Provider" There you'll find one or more keys that are GUID names (those long series of numbers and letters). Delete them. Delete everything under providers and or provider.

From this point you should have 30 more days left of trial. You'll have to do it again every month. Here is an archive of IZ3D drivers I've been keeping. https://www.dropbox.com/s/i1kckl4p6olcq ... s.zip?dl=0

Follow the discussion about the future of the fix here viewtopic.php?f=105&t=25360

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Re: IZ3D trial reset

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I too would love to see IZ3D updated for Windows 10. I have no experience for C++, so I'm no help there. If there were a Patreon , Kickstarter or GoFundMe set up to energize development, I would be glad to join.

As far as I'm aware, there are no 3D-SBS options besides IZ3D and TriDef. I've messed around with VorpX, since it has a "Generic3D" mode, but it cuts the horizontal resolution in half, making everything horizontally "squished." There apparently is no way to change that. Maybe someday the developer will add a FullHD SBS mode. 3DTV isn't useful to me, as it has no side-by-side or dual-output mode. In the meantime, I have a dual-projection setup that runs the risk of being unusable because there are no 3D drivers in active development.

In the meantime, I still use Tridef by injecting the DLLs manually. Even with this, there are bugs and other problems, but it's all that's available right now. If there is another solution, I would really like to hear about it.

Thanks, Mark

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