I have tried to get this to work for years, never had luck.

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I have tried to get this to work for years, never had luck.

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Does this really work? It would be a dream come true but I have never seen any consistent instruction,. I only want to use it on one game. I can make an entire game in 3ds Max and Unreal engine, I've learned to UnPAK games and MOD them extensively... But I can't ever figure this out after 5 years! The manual speaks of Profile.XML files but .. not where to get the .aqup files that SOME seem to link to ? It's hopeless. I would PAY for or trade w/ someone to help me set up a single game to play in full VR (I have no interest in any other at this time,. I can provide full game install (it is freeware and now abandonware)
I know it was made in Unreal ENgine 4.18, it is unpacked the same way as 'Unreal Tournament' using QuickBMS,..
The game is a virtual recrearion of a Starship called the Enterprise D. I have a early VR version v0.0.9.1 (which I have Modded extensively!) and I have the updated but flat only game V0.1.0.0 I would like to either merge the two or play the v10 in VR :) I can supply installs for both games,.. along with my Mods,..

Thank you
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