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slightly interesting

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I noticed something tonight, while resting, and wonder if it has merit. I was looking at some led lights across the room, and my eyes were slightly tired, for multiple reasons. I was squinting, and playing with how the light filtered through my eyelashes, and the tears building up with my eyes nearly shut. I noticed that light rays streaming through these different filters were slightly offset angularly, The image basically looked like a V, with each side of the V provided by one eye. I could easily adjust the light rays so they both overlapped, looking like one single ray shooting straight upward, by giving my tired eyes a slight facelift with my fingers, near my temples.

Does this slight slant, I guess, an almost rotational value, perhaps be something our brains are constantly having to adjust for, when we are trying to make everything kosher in VR? If the space between our eyes is ever so important, maybe there is another rotational value that can further dial in the perfect image?

I may have skimmed over similar issues somewhere, because they were too technical for my tired head. Could be useless fluff too.

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