Depressing article on 3D today

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Depressing article on 3D today

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So having been through the CES 2014 period a lot of articles about negatives and positives about 3D have been propping up. Most have been either positive or neutral, giving us a good look on what's coming. But then there's the opinion segments that get negative and even worse, the comments that ensue below. This is getting teeth-grinding annoying.

So I figured, after having made a few PC & 3DS 3D game reviews in a row, to share some of the knowledge I've collected over the last two years on general stereoscopic 3D. I'm trying to address most of the annoying misconceptions (ex.: "Hey, this isn't 3D, stuff isn't flying at me out of the screen!"), trying to explain proper use of out of window illusions and finally trying to explain in what way 3D is just not a gimmick at the core.

I hope folks can enjoy this - I'm hoping most the readers in this forum will have stereoscopic displays. The whole segment is done with some 3DS gameplay trying out various racing games, which I by parts use as direct examples for what I'm talking about, along with some stereo photos. The 3DS is filmed in stereo using my JVC camcorder.

May 3D live long and PROSPER! VR is coming guys, everyone's in for a liiiiiiittle surprise :-)

PS: The article in question... sigh ... ally-dead/ You're spared from the idiotic comments as those were on FB. The video review I make mention of in my above talk segment doesn't have to do with this article - as I said I don't want to call that one out as I kinda like the channel. In fact as far as TYT Network goes I like it too, but their "geek" division sucks. They're pretty much pseudo-geek and couldn't put a computer together for two cents.

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