Virtual Cinema screen alternate mode

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Virtual Cinema screen alternate mode

Post by Teddy0 »

Hi Rifters,

I was watching a film in Virtual Cinema and thought something similar could be good to play games on. Especially those that don't get good stereoscopy or good head tracking. I'd rather play my games on a giant virtual IMAX screen instead of my monitor!

Is there any existing solutions for this, or has anyone tried this?

If not, before I start working on this, can anyone think of any kind of issues the resolution may present?


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Re: Virtual Cinema screen alternate mode

Post by Leahy »

You can always try playing a game in windowed mode using Deskope but you'd expect it to be a slideshow unless you have a beefy GPU. I've tried using other resolutions and then trying to fit the window into the rift but that is anything but recommended. I recall Crysis 3 had a SBS mode that I used without deskope that I fit into view and was almost playable.

In any case I won't be trying that again at least until I get a Rift with 1440p and a beefier GPU than currently exists

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