Dolphin Emulator (Wii, Gamecube) Supports Stereoscopic Mode

Discuss stereoscopic 3D games and gaming technologies for console (e.g. XBOX, PS3)
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Dolphin Emulator (Wii, Gamecube) Supports Stereoscopic Mode

Post by rixardion »

Hey guys! Hope everyone's doing alright.

Hopefully this is the right forum. I assume the intention is to discuss 3d capability on the actual hardware, but since that didn't take off like we hoped it would, I figured it should be fine.

So I've been messing around with the Dolphin emulator lately and, 3d aside, I must say, it's been very impressive. I use my real wiimotes and can enjoy near perfect emulation of wii titles in full HD.

So I tried the stereoscopic sbs/ou mode in conjunction with bigscreen on the oculus (still using real wiimote), and it blew me away! The most jaw dropping game I tried was Metroid: Other M. This game looks absolutely amazing in 3d! I really didn't like the game much at release, but due to the 3d, I could see myself playing to the end.

That one game is the reason I'm making this post though others look good as well. I have tried about 10 or so games with varying degrees of success. Some games will look fantastic in one section, like an overhead map for instance, but look bad in the actual gameplay as a layer that is supposed to be in the foreground is in the back or vice versa. The only game I've tried that just doesn't work with it is Okami.

I just wanted to swing by and give a heads up! If you're into 3d gaming I absolutely recommend!

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Re: Dolphin Emulator (Wii, Gamecube) Supports Stereoscopic Mode

Post by DillGill »

I am working with another user to be ablet o share 3D fixes for the Dolphin games and we have been successful in making twilight Princess 3D shareable. We are testing Skyward Sword right now and ironing a few things out. When that is done, we can start distributing 3D fixes for Dolphin Games the way we do for PC games!

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