Microsoft Xbox 360 Stereo 3d gaming

Discuss stereoscopic 3D games and gaming technologies for console (e.g. XBOX, PS3)
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Which stereoscopic 3D solution do you primarily use?: LCD shutter glasses

Re: Microsoft Xbox 360 Stereo 3d gaming

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tripletopper wrote: Sun Feb 21, 2021 6:48 am So what you're saying is that the device turns any 3d material into alternate frames 3d.
No, what I said was that the dongle works on a MAC. The dongle supports alternate frames 3d, but it doesn't turn any 3d material into alternate frames 3d.

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Re: Microsoft Xbox 360 Stereo 3d gaming

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So you're saying if I could find some machine that turns "Blu Ray 3d" (even though that's a generic term that covers lots of disc and display modes) and 3D games like Xbox 360 and PS3 game into "alternate frames 3d mode" that is just a syncher which tells the glasses which eye is open and which is closed every frame.

A) do they sell external 3D processors which convert frame packed, side by side half and other formats into an alternate frames mode? I assume that's a fairly standard chip used on all pre-assembled shutter based 3D TVs. The whole reason why shutter 3D works is because it uses an alternate frames format.

B) is the ping time quick enough to not disrupt a normal video game, ie anything except a CRT based light gun shooter? (which relies on dot timing to determine aim.). I understand Missile Defense 3D for the SMS had to have any delay the 3d processor would show be compensated for by hand coding. But if they did have gun calibration like in the Saturn / PlayStation days, the delay is quick enough where it could be compensated for by calibration.

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