Gears of War 3

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Gears of War 3

Post by Earmack »

Hello, happy new year 2012! ;)

Yesterday I received gift "Gears of war 3", and goin' amazing, but for us more important how 3D works :shutter

Game have native SBS Left/right, but 3D something like virtual 3D (but not so good if you compare with DDD).
I think this game worst 3d from what I see on consoles (COD: BO, CRYSIS 2, HALO Anniversary), because like I can see GOW 3 have something like "virtual 3d" on DDD, but if DDD have amazing mode GOW 3, have very limited range & like wave/hill on ground/around you....virtual 3d have the same when you choose "quality" LOW. GOW 3 have somethings beetwen low/medium....this is vbery annoyning BUT anyway every 3D (for me) it's always much better than nothing! Also game have something bluring around NPC/AI (DDD don't have this).
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Re: Gears of War 3

Post by cybereality »

Its really lame that developers think they can pass this junk off as 3D. Might as well not even bother.

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Re: Gears of War 3

Post by Likay »

On consoles it's a natural way to go i guess. :cry:
They only have limited resources and noone would like to make a game worse in 2d "just" for the sake of getting good framerates in 3d.
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Re: Gears of War 3

Post by NopeU »

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