Cameron defends blue view

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Cameron defends blue view

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Cameron defends blue view
Right wing objects
by Glenn Whipp

Time may have ever so slightly mellowed James Cameron's combative approach to life and filmmaking, but that doesn't mean he still doesn't get a kick out of rocking the boat on the way to the bank.

So, as his sci-fi epic "Avatar" sails past $2 billion in worldwide box office, breaking the record set by "Titanic," his last movie, Cameron takes no small delight in the way conservative commentators have attacked the movie. "Let me put it this way," Cameron says during a recent dinner conversation at a Hollywood cafe. "I'm happy to (tick) those guys off. I don't agree with their worldview."

Cameron, though, does take exception to the imprecision of the attacks. Right-wing pundits have called "Avatar" a "deep expression of anti-Americanism" (the Weekly Standard) and "‘Death Wish' for lefties" (Big Hollywood).

All off base, Cameron says — though the "Death Wish" reference does raise a chuckle.

"I think there's something amazingly satisfying when the hammerheads come out of the forest and start mowing down all the bad security enforcers," Cameron says, referring to the movie's climactic creatures-versus-humans battle sequence. "Nature gets to fight back. It's ‘
Death Wish' for environmentalists. When did nature ever get to fight back in a movie?"
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Re: Cameron defends blue view

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It's ‘Death Wish' for environmentalists

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