Industry exploring 3D game shows

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Industry exploring 3D game shows

Post by metalqueen »

Industry exploring 3D game shows
'Wheel of Fortune' could be one of the first available
by Carolyn Giardina

A 3D version of "Wheel of Fortune" could be coming to television as game shows become the next form of entertainment to explore the technology.

A 3D clip of "Wheel" was screened Friday morning at an open house for Sony's new 3D Technology Center on the Sony Pictures lot, The venue is designed to spearhead 3D research and development as well as production training.

Harry Friedman, executive producer of "Wheel" and "Jeopardy!," introduced the clip.

"One of the biggest challenges is keeping a game show fresh -- by changing the show without changing the game," he said. "We do that with enhanced production value, such as set design. We typically do dimensionalized sets, which are made for 3D."

A timetable for a 3D version of "Wheel" is not in place.

The industry has been looking to increase the available content for 3D in the home in addition to growing the slate of 3D movies. The Consumer Electronics Assn. predicts that 4.3 million 3D TVs will be sold this year, and 25% of all sets sold will be 3D-ready by 2013
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Re: Industry exploring 3D game shows

Post by Gae43 »

Please no. Games shows are bad enough in 2D. :roll:


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Re: Industry exploring 3D game shows

Post by Likay »

Just a little sidenote and slightly offtopic but...
It would really be something if we could play games at an imax cinema. One plays and other watches and enjoys. Like the old "arcade times" with some "tiny" enhancements. :P
Unfortunately imax projectors doesn't have support from computers though.
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