Struggling Sony Banking On 3D TV

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Struggling Sony Banking On 3D TV

Post by metalqueen »

Struggling Sony Banking On 3D TV
by David Richards

Sony Australia is also attempting to try and regain a leadership position in the flat-panel TV market after losing sales last year to Samsung, LG and Panasonic.

During the past 18 months consumers around the world have shunned Sony's struggling Bravia TV brand, with sales slumping in key markets around the world. Last night the company announced a further 10.7 per cent decline in the sale of Sony-branded consumer electronic products, including Bravia TVs and Sony PlayStations.

Globally Sony has yet to make a profit from selling Bravia TVs and, in coming months, the struggling Japanese company is set to tip hundreds of millions of dollars into sponsoring the 2010 Soccer World Cup in an effort to re-establish its brand.

A key part of this campaign will be the repositioning of Sony as a credible brand in the consumer electronics market. The company will also position itself as a leader in the 3D TV market in an attempt to hold onto market share, which is under attack from Samsung, LG and Panasonic.
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Re: Struggling Sony Banking On 3D TV

Post by budda »

Here is a tip for Sony.

1. Stop ripping your customers off with proprietary accessories, like Nvidia is doing with 3D Vision.

2. Look at the glasses side of the equation, and provide a good shutterglasses solution for all mainstream users.

Be the "edimensional glasses" of the new S3D era, but with better specifications and competitive pricing.

3. Fix the problems that everyone is having. For example - having an adjustible synch delay (with thumb wheel switch).

4. Incorporate whiz-bang technology into the glasses, like a 6DOF motion sensor or head tracker, possibly compatible with the PS3 (and driver compatible with GlovePie). Just look at the "Nintendo Effect".

I am sure Sony will, yet again, do it their own way, because they are an arrogant, know-it-all company who like losing money rather than admitting they have been wrong and getting on with it.

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