Is 3D television just a great big swizz?

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Is 3D television just a great big swizz?

Post by metalqueen »

Is 3D television just a great big swizz?
TechRadar uncovers the substance behind the 3D TV hype
By Adam Hartley

3D cinema technology has won over our hearts and minds in 2009.

Disney Pixar's life-affirming Up warmed our cockles and the Neil Gaiman-scripted Coraline scared our children.

And while there has also been a considerable amount of 3D-dross pumped out of Tinseltown in the last year, the tech is unarguably superb and here to stay.

So what of 3D in the home? As TV manufacturers gear up for the hype-machine that is CES 2010 is there a danger that we are being sold a version of 3D gaming or Blu-ray that is a little bit too far removed from reality? The likes of Sky and Sony would have us believe that 2010 is set to be the year that 3D in the home reaches a tipping point and goes mass market.

But is this all a great big swizz? Is it the latest attempts of a home entertainment industry desperate to sell us the Next Big Thing? While we all love and desire cool new tech, is the time right for you to start thinking about investing in a 3D-capable television in 2010?
Read the whole story here: ... zz--657408" onclick=";return false;
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Re: Is 3D television just a great big swizz?

Post by Jadentheman »

I am a little worried too. I know 3D at Home won't really takeoff in 2010 but the way most 3D tvs are being pricede and companies think this is cheap need to rethink their market strategy. I mean 3D at home will be fail if we don't get some cheap tvs and projector that aren't 720p and are full HD per eye. Granted in the beginning loike HDI it will be that price;Plasma were that priced back in 2003-2004 and look where we are now!

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Re: Is 3D television just a great big swizz?

Post by Freke1 »

Once people start picking up 3D cameras shooting 3D homevideos they will at least buy a 3D capable HDTV and occasional watch 3D football or 3D Discovery channel or the new Matrix 3D movie or play console 3D games with their (3D) kids.
Maybe they get tired of wearing the glasses - take them off - and 5 min later say: "christ 2D sucks" - and put them back on. That is what I would do. Because 2D really do suck. It's like mono music :(

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